“At Rockhaven Homes, we want to build a home as solid as a rock, and a true Haven for your family.”

Your interest in building a new home or addition is important to us. We welcome your questions and comments, and please do not hesitate to contact us:

Please contact us with any questions or ideas:

Albert Grin, President
Rockhaven Homes
13106 22nd Side Road, RR # 1
Georgetown, ON
L7G 4S4

Tel:   (905)-873-1582
Fax:   (905)-873-0381
Email:   agrin@rockhavenhomes.ca

We also have a questionnaire for more specific requirements. Please visit the questionnaire page, and if suitable, email yours today.

Rockhaven Homes: 13106 22nd Side Road, RR # 1, Georgetown, ON L7G 4S4   Tel: (905) 873-1582 | info@rockhavenhomes.ca
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