-- a compleat* approach, featuring design-pricing --

Rockhaven Design-Build is a simple and unique process to design and build your new home.  The Rockhaven process is simple in that you deal with only one person.  Drawing on over 80 years of design and construction experience, the Rockhaven Design-Builder works with you to integrate your ideas with those of excellent and qualified designers and engineers, while incorporating Rockhaven’s knowledge of current building costs, materials, schedules, construction procedures, and design. 

The Rockhaven Design-Build  process is unique in that Rockhaven provides design-pricing throughout the three distinct stages of the design process.  Design-pricing has two distinct advantages.  One, it saves time.  Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, design-pricing eliminates “sticker shock”.  Sticker shock is that all-too-typical frustration, cost, and associated time-delay when, armed with your finished drawings,  you go for pricing and realize that what you have drawn is significantly more than what you have budgeted. Rockhaven design-pricing identifies and deals with those design and costing elements that unnecessarily exceed your budget, are structurally unrealistic, or have proven to be costly problems within our harsh climate. Synthesizing the entire design, structural, building, and mechanical requirements of your new home, a Rockhaven Design-Build is a realistic and holistic integration of all these elements, providing you with a  complete set of drawings and specifications that bridges your dreams to your budget.

The Rockhaven Design-Build process can also be used to complete your site and servicing work.  Site and servicing design is often initially overlooked by our clients.  This oversight can prove to be both costly and time-consuming.  Integrating your dream home and your lot usually requires a soils engineer, an excavator, a septic engineer, a surveyor, a designer, a structural engineer, the local building department, as well as interaction with the various governing bodies that monitor conservation, access, safety and environmental issues. The Rockhaven Design-Builder, involved from the beginning of your project, knows the challenges involved and the various requirements to ultimately realize your dream of a country or city home.  We make the process manageable and coherent, emphasizing cost-effective solutions, and saving both time and money by exposing and exploring issues at the design stage where they are most easily dealt with.

The Rockhaven Design-Build process is competitive and time-driven.  We’ve done this often, we know the most suitable, cost-effective, and qualified designers and engineers to work with, and we have a reputation of getting homes built on time and on budget, without compromise to quality or safety.

The Rockhaven Design-Build process is not a commitment-to-build.  Yes, we are definitely interested in building your new home, however , we understand that, depending on your particular situation, you may not be ready to commit to Rockhaven at the beginning, or even at the end, of the design, engineering, and pricing process. You may decide to build yourself, to build at a later date, or even to work with another builder.  If that’s the case, you will still own an excellent set of drawings and specifications, complete with a guaranteed price to move forward and build your dream home.

The Rockhaven Design-Build process: a single-source, competitive, effective, and enjoyable process to help you realize your dream of a new home

-- *  compleat:  having all necessary or desired elements or skills --


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