Getting started requires a bit of dreaming, but also some decisions. Therefore, envision what your new home will look like, make a sketch or visit a website, and then, make some initial decisions to get you started: 
            1.  Do you want a bungalow, a bungaloft, or a two-storey home?
            2.  How many bedrooms are you looking for?
            3.  How many bathrooms?
            4.  Does it have a 2-car garage or a 3-car garage?
            5.  How big is your new home?
            6.  What other features would you be looking for?  Would you like a large Great Room, granite in the kitchen, cathedral ceilings, or a large ensuite?  For a list of more options, go to both Quality Features and  Optional Features, and jot down what interests you.  But don’t spend too much time getting caught up in the details just yet.  Before you get too far, you also need to decide where you want to build, and to establish a budget.

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